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First page:

Her new lover is eleven years older.
Zendaya: The Hollywood-girl is madly in love with her Val. So cute. But is their love even legal?

Have you even been in love with someone you actually weren’t allowed to? Maybe in a sexy young teacher? Or your cute neighbor who’s over 20? Well, then you know what Zendaya’s going through. She has a gigantic crush on her eleven-years-older dance partner Val - and is stuck in her own feelings. Because she’s scared her father might find out about it - and she doesn’t even know herself: Am I allowed to be with him? Are we allowed to have Sex? There are many things you have to look out for. We’ll tell you on page 26.

Page 26:

First picture (from week 7):
Cute dance couple
They were partners on the US-show Dancing with the Stars over a year ago.

Second picture (from GMA):
Like you
The two often hang out and also cuddle thereby.

Speech bubble:
Man, he’s cute.

Secretly in love with someone who’s older.

Pure chaos of feelings! Zendaya’s crush is eleven years older… does her luck even stand a chance?

“It tingles when I look at him. Does he feel the same?” Just so you don’t freak out, this is not from an interview. She’s never said that. When you have a crush on someone, he’s the only one on your mind – and you have a thousand butterflies in your stomach. That’s usually really nice! Except it’s problematic for Zendaya: Her crush Val Chmerkovskiy is 11 years older. The 17-year-old met the professional dancer at the US-show Dancing with the Stars in 2013. But even when her heart beats faster for the 28-year-old, sanity makes her ask herself: “Are we actually allowed to be together? Isn’t he too old for me?” The actress is torn. She desperately needs someone to talk to! She can’t though with her father Kazembe! He’s extremely strict – a year ago his famous daughter wasn’t even allowed to date! He wouldn’t tolerate a boyfriend who’s more than ten years older. His perfect boyfriend for Zendaya: her coeval bff Trevor Jackson (17)! However, on rumors about the two together, she just comments: “There’s nothing going on!” You just cannot force feelings! And anything’s allowed in love, right?

The box on the left corner with pictures of Trevor and K:
Her father wants someone else for her
Daddy guards her like a treasure cause that’s is what you are, honey you’re my golden star.

1. (Trevor) He’s been her best friend for years: Trevor Jackson! The two get along great, have fun together. But for the actress it’s just friendship.

2. /K) Concerning boys, Dad Kazembe is super strict. He’d never allow his daughter a boyfriend that old.

The blue box talks about age of consent, but that’s different in Germany, so I won’t translate that.

FYI, Bravo is a magazine that really just writes whatever they won’t and doesn’t give a shit about anything. And I’ve never loved them more for that than today!

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die beiden hangen oft miteinander ab und gehen dabei auch auf kuschel kurs - The two often hang together cuddling 😏

Are you kidding me.

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I honestly think Val was either drunk as hell or forgot there was people around… I mean he was SINGING to ZENDAYA. (CREDIT TO WHOEVER MADE THIS)

Where did this come from so cute!

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Anonymous: In case the doubters haven't seen it, Val literally just did the valdaya salsa trio with john and oksana just let that sink in



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  • secretly in love with an older man (we already knew that)
  • "emotional chaos" ok germany relax
  • man, is that sweet!
  • the two often hang out
  • something something CUDDLE (translate says ‘cuddle course’ which sounds pretty exciting)
  • something about luck


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Just curious







How old are you?

My fellow shippers??

Almost 20


29, I’ll be turning Dirty Thirty next month! eeek!


Dare I say it? Eek. 33 😳😁

17 in 2.5 weeks!!

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Not valdaya related by wanna follow my horse tumblr? I’ll be posting pictures of my super duper cute horses! 

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